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Regular $5 email coupons have been discontinued

Rewards unavailable this month.  $5 Rewards coupons can be used online and in the store.

*************************SPECIAL NOTE**************************
If coupons are sold out, please check again later.  I usually upload additional
coupons daily Monday – Friday if I am sold out.  THANKS!


For example, if checking out and you want to purchase 20 coupons, first click on the “Add to cart” button.  On that page, enter “20″ to the right of the little shopping cart and where it says “Coupon” enter “20″.  Then, simply click on “Update cart” to view the discounted price

From 3/7/14 – 3/16/14 with your Kohls charge use Promo code MARCH30 to get 30% off online purchases and Promo code MAR4USHIP to get free shipping.  These coupons can be used in the store and CAN be used online.  Each coupon purchased will have a link as well as the serial/pin number.  Pricing for the $5 Kohls rewards coupons (exp. 4/2/14) are as follows:
1 – 4 Coupons @ $1.00 each (1 coupon for $1.00)  No coupon discount code SOLD OUT! REWARDS UNAVAILABLE THIS MONTH
5 – 9 Coupons @ $0.90 each (5 coupons for $4.50)  Use coupon code:  5 SOLD OUT! REWARDS UNAVAILABLE THIS MONTH
10 – 19 Coupons @ $0.80 each (10 coupons for $8.00)  Use coupon code:  10 SOLD OUT! REWARDS UNAVAILABLE THIS MONTH
20 – 49 Coupons @ $0.75 each (20 coupons for $15.00)  Use coupon code:  20 SOLD OUT! REWARDS UNAVAILABLE THIS MONTH
50 – 99 Coupons @ $0.70 each (50 coupons for $35.00)  Use coupon code:  50 SOLD OUT! REWARDS UNAVAILABLE THIS MONTH
100+ Coupons @ $0.65 each (100 coupons for $65.00)  Use coupon code:  100 SOLD OUT! REWARDS UNAVAILABLE THIS MONTH

Add to Cart
Each coupon has a unique bar code/serial&pin and is one time use only.
Coupons will be emailed to your paypal email address shortly after payment is made.
Generally, this will be 0 – 3 minutes depending on the quantity purchased.

Please check your spam/junk email folder if you have not received them within 10 minutes. If you still do not see the email with your coupons, please email me and I will resend them to you as soon as I can.



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